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About us

Photography – this is one of my many passions, which I've been pursuing for over fourty years (with short brakes). The subjects I'm interested includes: landscapes, architecture, nature, plants, fractals, and mostly – the animals. Me, my wife Eva and friend – Jack – have driven a lot of kilometers during these few last years. We've visited hundreds of interesting places.

From these far and near journeys we've brought a lot of photos, films and sounds, as well as incredible memories. The most interesting photos we've put into our stock, and memories – unfortunately – get blurred as the time passes. So – I've decided save them as trip diary on this website.

My wife Eva.
This is me (Steven).
My friend Jack.

We travel around different continents, as well as around our own country, where we have another faithful companion – Monterey :-), the deck of which can be good for hunting:


Jack on the deck of the Monterey.

I invite you to reading, watching and commenting the website. Those who are interested in such thrills – I encourage you to pursue your own bloodless hunting with a camera. Maybe sometimes we meet in the "field", or we go together on joint expedition? Who knows?

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